Monday, July 26, 2010

Gorgeous, Handmade Jewelry

I should start this out by saying that I never endorse anything in my blog unless it's something I have, use, or really really love. I do not get paid for my opinions (unfortunately--but if you would like to pay for my opinions, I will! I'm poor, and I can be bought!!)

One of my friends from college is super crafty and has been making her own jewelry for years. She makes special things for friends and gives quite a bit as gifts, too. We have finally convinced her to get off her behind and open an Etsy shop!

Her jewelry is so fierce! I think what I like most about her shop is how every piece is different. There is something for everyone. She also told me that she typically only makes one of each piece (unless she is requested to make more), so you know that your piece is truly unique.

She just opened her Etsy shop last weekend and adds at least one new piece daily, so check back often to see if anything sparks your interest. All of her pieces are very well-made (She's a crazy perfectionist.) and very reasonably priced. She also told me that she'll be adding some of the jewelry that her mama makes soon, so that's something to look for, too.

Currently, I am in LOVE with this bracelet:

The party girl earrings are also to die for. She has a pair of these that she always wears when we go out. Everyone compliments them.

Other things that make Vee's shop one you'll like:

-Your entire order ships for $3.00, regardless of the number of items that you purchase.
-She does custom orders. For example, I would love the bracelet above in a three-strand, which she would absolutely do.
-She accepts returns. If you don't like your piece for any reason, she will either adjust it for you, make an entirely new piece, or you can just return it (though I can't imagine why you would ever want to return anything).
-You can pay through Pay-Pal with your credit card. It sounds complicated, but I assure you it is not! I had to do this when I bought an e-book. You just go to Pay-Pal, set up an account, and connect your credit or debit card through Pay-Pal. It takes 5 minutes. This is the SAFEST way to purchase anything online, and now that I've set mine up, I use it as often as possible.

Some other fun facts about Vee that have nothing to do with her jewelry, but will probably embarrass her: (Muahaha)

-She absolutely hates the sound of anyone brushing his or her teeth.
-She's obsessive about maintaining her freakishly perfect eyebrows.

And the final reason you should check out her site--She's a teacher, too :)


  1. I love etsy and that bracelet!!! I will have to check more out, thanks for the new tip.

  2. Very cute, and her jewelry is VERY reasonably priced!! Thanks for the info!

  3. Very cool!! On my way to check her out!

  4. Awesome homemade jewelry! I wonder where she got those beads, they're really unique.

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