Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer is great, until it sucks...

As a teacher, I love summer, but I don't love that people think teachers live a life of leisure for 3 months. Most teachers either tutor, teach summer school, or take classes. I'm taking classes this summer and it sucks. I have two papers due a week which means I do no grad work at all 5 days a week and then spend the other 2 in a procrastination induced anxiety attack where I knock out 6 pages in a sitting.

I'm also moving this summer which I'm excited about, but not looking forward to carrying a life's worth of stuff from my current apartment to an apartment 50 feet away. My master plan is to put everything in the front lawn of my new apartment the night before then frantically carry everything inside during the 8 hours I'm allotted to move.

As for my love life, I've just continued texting the same ex-boyfriends that I have always on and off dated until I remember again that they're not the kind of people I should date or even text after a few too many drinks. (Aside: Today at Weight Watchers I shrieked out loud when I learned the point value of a mojito. True story.) Then, I wise up for a year or so until I either forget again or get bored enough not to care. My mom is in a panic because she read that the average age for women to get married is 26 and I'm pretty much there. I told her not to worry because I have found the perfect profile picture of me laying on the couch for when I'm forced to join

I've started going to the WW meetings to shame me into losing weight, which is working quite well. I've also started going to the gym more consistently. I was so sore this past weekend that I physically could not get out of my bed, which basically means that an hour of working out took me out of commission for two entire days. ha!

This commercial is so me:

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  1. I'm getting nervous about not being married as well. Have you reached the point where your exes are starting to get married? Because I'm there. Maybe will give us a 2-for-1? No? FML